When I lived back in the States, I had a drawer full of incomplete manuscripts and never seemed to find the time to pull them together. Since settling in Ballenita, I’ve found time to complete the first book in a trilogy — Too Many Secrets — and the second book Too Many Lies is available now on Amazon. The third and final book of the trilogy, Too Many Suspects, became available in May, 2018.

Many thanks to all of you who have read the books. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy Roxanne’s adventures as much as I did.

To order a Kindle version or paperback, for Too Many Secrets, Too Many Lies, or Too Many Suspects, please click the link: Click Here

Since we moved to Ecuador in 2015, I’ve been blogging about the experience and a few of the older blogs are on this site for you to read if you wish to start from the beginning of our adventures in South America. I’ll be adding more of the past blogs every week.

We spent three months in Cuenca, Ecuador in the Andes mountains before settling in Ballenita, a small town on the Pacific coast. Cuenca, a highlands city of around 600,000 people is a UNESCO World Heritage site–beautiful, cultural and impressive. At an altitude of 8500 ft. it was a unique experience. (Photos of Cuenca accompany my blogs from Nov-Dec 2015 to Jan 2016.)

There are numerous “gringos” from North America who’ve transplanted themselves to Cuenca so the city has many food varieties, household items and other amenities that might not be found elsewhere in the country.

Ecuador is a “developing” country or whatever the current politically correct term may be. It’s tiny for a sovereign nation — about the size of Colorado with around 5.5 million citizens most of whom are always ready with a smile and “buenos dias”. The people of Ecuador are welcoming and friendly to visitors and transplants alike.









4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi there,
    I have not yet bought your book – I just got it recommended to me via BookBub. Please take this comment the way it is meant – i.e. as helpful feedback.
    The advert said – “would recommend this to cozy mystery readers”. This might be the case and I might check it out, but the COVER to me did not say cozy, instead I got strong thriller vibes (dark backdrop, gloomy atmosphere).
    Not that the cover is bad, by no means. It just didn’t have any “cozy” vibe and I found the statement did not gel.
    I clicked on the “ad feedback” from BB, but the response options were so generic, I thought they might not be so useful.
    Hope this is useful! I know how hard it is to get responses … Good luck to you!

    1. Lina:
      Thanks for your comment. I have had concerns about putting the book in the “cozy” niche but that comment came from a reader and a bookseller so I thought I might be wrong. To me, cozy implies an amateur slueth, and either food, cats, dogs, or something like that. I have been told that cozy means there is no blood and gore, or psychological abuse (things like that). I fear that if I change the cover to more of a “light-hearted” look some will be disillusioned by the language, action scenes, etc. It’s a no-win situation but I am seriously keeping your suggestion in mind. I may change the advertising as it may be misleading.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. I have been working on the second book in the series which should be out in June and I just saw your comment today. I will add you to my email list to let you know when.

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