5-Star Review of Too Many Secrets

I received notice of this review while we were waiting at JFK for our flight back to Ecuador. I don’t personally know the reviewer but she left a note stating she wanted to see the second book in the trilogy. I was excited and I’m sure the others at the gate wondered why I was dancing around. Then after two flights with a layover in Panama, and over 12 hours travel time, I forgot all about it. Now I remembered it and I’m excited again! Thought I’d share it with you.


For immediate release:
Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Mystery – General book “Too Many Secrets” by EB Corbin, currently available at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07454N1NK.
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“Reviewed By Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite
It’s almost hard to believe that Too Many Secrets by EB Corbin is a first novel. It’s that good. It’s also pleasing to know that Too Many Secrets is the first book in a trilogy, based on Roxanne Boudreaux, who, when we meet her in this mystery fiction, is a Pittsburgh tax attorney under consideration for a partnership in her law firm and also in a relationship with a criminal lawyer who, to her shock, is just about to move out of their apartment and relationship. With this all happening at once, Roxanne is not receptive to, or even interested, when her mother tells her she has just become the heir to an estate belonging to someone she never even knew existed. Like, how weird is that? But with nothing else to take her mind off her current stress, she decides to follow up on this so-called inheritance, and when she does, all hell breaks loose in ways she never dreamed possible.

From that point on, EB Corbin takes Roxanne and readers on a chaotic ride, filled with more ups and downs and twists and turns than on a roller-coaster. When Roxanne is helped after a nasty car accident by John Callahan, she is loath to trust him or any man at this point in her life. Callahan’s magical appearances every time she lands in trouble, and she does it time and again, are in themselves puzzling. And even more confusing and annoying to Roxanne is her growing attraction to this DSS agent. But of greater concern, and where the plot of Too Many Secrets really becomes riveting, are the reasons Roxanne keeps getting hurt: who is behind the murder of the lawyer who drew up the will, and for that matter, where is the will in the first place? Who can she trust, and who is telling the truth in this sleepy country town of Oilville? And just what is her connection to the person who has left her entire estate to Roxanne? And where, why and how do the past activities of the Irish Republican Army have anything to do with her?

Exceptionally well-written, with, according to her bio, the advice and editing help of her husband, Edana Corbin has churned out an absorbing, but easy-to-read mystery for her readers. Lots of dialogue keeps the action moving along quickly; an interesting assortment of colourful and realistic characters come alive on the page; romance is in the air; and best of all, the plot just never stops unfolding: even the last sentence of the story throws readers an unexpected and definitely unforeseen curve ball. What a way to interest us in the second book of the Roxanne Boudreaux Trilogy. Can’t wait to read it!”
You can learn more about EB Corbin and “Too Many Secrets” at https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/too-many-secrets where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.
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