Arriving in Cuenca, Ecuador

November 2, 2015

We’ve been here since Saturday, and so far every day has been a holiday. The “Day of the Dead” is celebrated from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2 here in Cuenca and we were watching a constant line of cars pass our apartment last night. So, today we decided to see what was going on and went to the Municipal Cemetery which happens to be about two blocks away. Ecuadorians honor the dead on these days and the cemetery is packed with family members from babies to people who need help to walk with a cane. They come to visit their deceased family members and decorate the grave. I’ve attached some photos

Vendors outside cemetery entrance

The Cemetery is huge and filled with people for three days:

Visitors to cemetery DofD

Girl bringing Flowers on Day of Dead – Nov 1


The graves are all decorated —

Aboveground graves
Offerings at grave
Families visit graves

And finally here is a grieving guardian angel —

Fallen Anger grave marker Day of Dead – Nov. 1
Cuenca Ecuador


After we left the cemetery, we took a bus into El Centro and visited Tutto Fredo, an ice cream shoppe (I had a chocolate milk shake and Bob had a double espresso, go figure) Then we toured the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception  Pictures of the cathedral will be sent tomorrow. We’re not planning on going anywhere interesting tomorrow because President Correa is going to be in town celebrating Cuenca’s Independence Day. There is no end to the celebrations in Ecuador!

We’re both still getting adjusted to the altitude, but we seem to be adapting pretty well at our age.

That’s it for now…hasta luego!


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