I never considered myself much of a blogger until I started to work on this website. Then I realized I had at least 15-20 emails I’ve sent to friends and family since we arrived in Ecuador keeping them up-dated on our activities. I’ve turned these into blogs, complete with photos and have posted them in the Past Blogs from Ecuador section. They’re not all posted yet–it takes a lot of time to upload the photos and place them in the proper section, but little by little, they’ll be here at some point. I’ll try to do at least one or two a week when I can.

Since I’m deep into my second book in the Roxanne Boudreaux trilogy, I don’t have a lot of spare minutes right now. And our daughter and her family are coming to visit at the end of August, so I’ll be busy.

We’re going back to the states for a visit in September and will be stopping for two days in Bogota, Colombia. I’ll be sure to take lots of pix and get them up for your viewing pleasure when we return to our peaceful haven on la playa┬áin Ballenita. Until then,

Hasta luego,


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