A suspenseful mystery/thriller with hints of romance and betrayal.

Roxanne Boudreaux never knew her Aunt Roxy existed until notified of the woman’s death. Named as the sole heir to her aunt’s estate, the Pittsburgh tax attorney finds herself in a world of danger she never anticipated. 

Intent on securing a partnership in her law firm, Roxanne dismisses her inheritance as irrelevant. But after an abrupt end to a serious relationship, she travels to Oilville, PA and reluctantly accepts help from DSS Agent John Callahan.
They encounter several deadly obstacles including a member of the Irish Republican Army sent to retrieve money hidden years ago.
Roxanne has no idea what to do with her small-town legacy when a shocking revelation from her mother adds to Roxanne’s confusion.
As the chaos in her life grows, can she overcome both the threats and turmoil? Will she let Callahan defend her or go it alone?
The  first in a trilogy from EB Corbin is a new addition in the cozy mystery/romantic suspense tradition of Kendra Elliott, Leigh Ann Dobbs, and Josie Brown

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Here’s a sneak peak at the new cover for Too Many Lies:

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The adventure continues in Book Two of the trilogy. Mystery, suspense and romance adds to the mix.

An explosion, a ransom note and the frantic search for missing money send Roxanne and Callahan on a quest with tragic results.

Former Pittsburgh tax attorney, Roxanne Boudreaux, is content living and working in the small Pennsylvania town of Oilville. That is until Roxy O’Hara comes back from the dead.

When Roxy disappears the very night of her arrival and a man is found murdered at her cabin, Roxanne feels obligated to find the missing woman despite her anxiety at being caught up in deadly events.

Danger lingers in the form of members of the Irish Republican Army searching for money stashed in the area over thirty years ago.

She once again has help from John Callahan, a Diplomatic Security Service agent. Still fighting her attraction to the agent, she knows she is out of her comfort zone and needs his assistance.

Meanwhile, Roxanne takes on a new client and finds herself pitted against the mayor of Oilville and the Chief Justice of the PA Supreme Court, to say nothing of the local sheriff and his deputy. Both still hold a grudge against her.

Added to her problems, Roxanne has no idea what will happen to what she thought was her inheritance—a home in town, a working farm, a fancy log cabin in the woods and a successful diner.

Will she regret refusing the partnership in the Pittsburgh law firm?

Will she be able to find Roxy? What are Roxy’s plans if she does?

Book Two can be read on its own or as an action-packed continuation of Book One, Too Many Secrets.


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