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2 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi! I saw you on eReader News Today (one of the few good marketing sites left!). I’m a fellow author and I started a site where I organize mailing list building promotions, beta readers, reviews and a daily deal machine (like ENT, BookBub etc.) I started it because it’s hard to get return on investment from most of the marketing sites out there and there are too many people trying to rip us off. I wanted to build my personal mailing list and not go broke promoting.

    Love for you to check it out!

    This is an overview of everything for authors:

    And if your deal still has time on it be sure to do a Daily Deal! Only $10 and you’ll definitely see ROI.

    Use coupon code


    to get 50% off your first try of any service!

    The mailing list events usually net the authors between 500-3000 per event.

    Anyhoo, not trying to bug you, hello and hope to see you swing by!


  2. Hi Eb,

    I downloaded Too Many Secrets and I’m loving it. As soon as I am finished with it I will definitely post up a review for you on Amazon.

    My name is Michael Perlman and I work with eBook Marketing Solutions an eBook promotions company. Don’t hit delete….lol This isn’t spam or some marketing scheme. Yes, I want to work with you and yes I am trying to sell you something but I know what I am doing in terms of book marketing and promotion. I can prove my results ahead of time and I can generate sales, traffic and page read income for you and your books.

    Question, from a sales perspective how are things going for you?

    I can see that from a branding and positioning standpoint you’re on track and I want to turn your books, all of them, into consistent Bestsellers. I viewed your rankings and I see how they have been trending from a sales perspective so I know that I can help you on both sales and page read income in order to let you focus on writing. I can help you get reviews and new readers as well. In short, we have developed an eBook marketing strategy that promotes books on Amazon.

    I know that I can help you sell more. If you are open this week or next I would like to set up a time with you to discuss more on what I can do to help. Truly, there’s nothing to lose, worst case I give you some tips that can only help.

    Please let me know your thoughts and lets set something up.

    Thank You,

    Michael A. Perlman
    eBook Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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