More Visitors in August

First of all I would like to thank all of you who have signed up to my mailing list and apologize for not contacting  you sooner. Although it’s no excuse, I am in the process of editing my second book in the Roxanne Boudreaux trilogy and have been working my bum*(*family friendly) off to have the editing completed for a December release. The second book is titled “Too Many Lies” and I will have a draft book cover and a sample chapter posted here soon.

Now on to “my life in Ecuador” posting:

It’s been a while since our daughter and her family visited us here in Ecuador but it’s been really busy since then and I haven’t had a chance to tell you about their visit.

They arrived on August 21st and we were very glad to see them. The driver we arranged to meet them at the airport claimed to have enough room for five people and luggage but it turned out that what he actually had was a pickup truck with four doors. So they crammed into the pickup and made it to Ballenita in one piece. On the second day, they strolled the beach.


That evening we went to Farrillon Dillon for dinner and a tour of the nautical museum they have.

Sometimes this family is a bit embarrassing!

But we love them just the same…

They wanted to go to Isla de la Plata, the same “poor man’s Galapagos” where Cole, our son, and his family went. Bob decided that once was enough, so we sent them on their way with our best wishes. They came back tired and happy with a lot of photos.

Hiking to to top took a while and they needed a rest when they got there. But it was worth it…the blue-footed boobies came to greet them

(Something new for me, I’m hoping the videos work)

They needed food and drink when they were finished

Since they were from New York, we also took them to the famous “New York Pizza” later in the week.




The pizza went fast




And, lest you think we didn’t eat much while they were here, we took them to Julia’s Cafe for Sunday brunch.

And Chris really enjoyed the fresh fish at the Mercado












But we also went to the “big city” (Guayachil) and strolled through Parque Historical where we saw many flora and fauna indigenous to Ecuador. On the way there, we stopped at a tourist attraction for a break. They had horseback rides, swimming, paddle boats and more. Aela needed a rest

But we finally made it to the Parque and spent the afternoon walking through the park.



Even the cats have a special crosswalk in Guayachil — good luck with that!


I do believe there were many other things we did while our daughter was in Ecuador, but I honestly can’t remember them. It’s been over a month and you know how the memory goes!

When they left, we went with them and stopped in Bogota, Colombia for a few days on our way to New York. Since we have many pix from Bogota that is the next post, More Visitors Pt. 2

Hope you enjoyed their visit as much as we did,


Edana and Bob



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